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Theory Question not in App

There is a question about ESC in the theory test that doesn’t appear to be in any apps but this is an explanation about what ESC is. Hope this helps.

Stopping distance

How to remember Stopping Distances
TIP: Here is a great way to remember the overall stopping distances. Starting from 20mph you simply multiply the speed by intervals of 0.5, beginning with 2, for example, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 etc as follows:

20mph x 2 = 40 feet

30 mph x 2.5 = 75 feet

40 mph x 3 = 120 feet

50 mph x 3.5 = 175 feet

60 mph x 4 = 240 feet

70 mph x 4.5 = 315 feet

The above calculations are a simple way to help you remember the correct stopping distances, but please be aware that these are approximate. The overall stopping distance is really the only safe separation gap, anything less than this can be considered a risk.